Thursday, January 24, 2013

Okay, Really This Time

How often have I found myself say that. "Really this time."

Well, 2012 kept going down the tubes and I am quite happy to have left it behind (although I still have to deal with the repercussions into this new year).  That part makes it very difficult to move on.

But, I am.  No more excuses.

For example, this week my excuse was that my mother-in-law was in town. For a week, people!  Come on now, that is as close to a legitimate excuse as one can get.

Not to worry though, I have survived the week and tomorrow morning she boards her broom plane, and heads home.

I will try to refrain from purchasing a one-way ticket for my husband to go with her.  Yeah, that kind of week.

But this is it. No more nonsense. The holidays were not kind. I was not kind to myself and I have the waistline to show for it.  I can see it in the mirror and I can feel it now too.  That is the worst. So many times it can happen and I don't really feel or see it happening so much. Not this time.  Maybe it is an age thing.

I wasn't sure about coming back to the blog but I did have the most success when I did stick with the blog.  And my only reason for not coming back would have been for anonymity.  This fear that someone I actually know in my life will stumble across this page.

But I need to forget about that and do what I need to do.  Obviously my weight and my health and farmore important than those superficial worries.

So forward I go.

Um, tomorrow.  After she is well on her way out of the state.

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